like a Caramel APpLe:

Fun on the outside

with a good-for-you center! 


I provide playful and interactive music and movement that is entertaining AND educational. 


Music is a powerful learning tool. I craft my programs to emphasize academic, body and social awareness skills such as:

  • Rhyming, listening and pattern recognition.
  • Early academic concept building.
  • Large and small motor development.
  • Social understanding and relationship building

Studies show that engaging lyrics and rhythmic rhymes can enhance a young child’s ability to make sense of language structure and cadence. Targeted and purposeful movement can build coordination and muscle skills. This combination can lead to healthier self-esteem and better ability to learn, read and write. Further, music can help children understand relationships and foster social development.  I feel privileged to be part of early childhood education and entertainment and I take my responsibility seriously, well, in a playful, silly way!


Yep, my style is a lot like a caramel apple -

muSicaL dessert

you can feel good about!


~ I also teach private and group songwriting classes to all ages ~

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