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When children hear and practice rhyming they are developing the ability to isolate and become aware of all the different sounds of language. This lays the foundation for skills like reading and writing. It’s like a little mouse in their brain says “oh, I get it!   ‘Cat’ and ‘sat’ have the same ending sound, just a different beginning sound!”  Which is probably an important distinction for a mouse to make actually.     

Playing, singing, dancing and otherwise rocking-out to music can open up key neural connections in young developing minds (well, and older developing minds too!). Listening to and actively participating in the rhythm, tempo and patterns inherent in music can help children begin to develop mathematical and language intelligences. Especially when the lyrics and melodies encourage movement, listening and action. Everybody rock! Now Freeze!

Activities such as using your fingers to show numbers, jumping, dancing, clapping and figuring out how to wiggle just one part of your body at a time develop motor skills, muscle strength, muscle memory and increase coordination.

Imagination is built on activities such as listening to silly stories and predicting what will happen next. Creating a pet rock to imagine with. Pretending to be a zoo animal and really trying to feel what it’s like to move around like that animal. (I particularly like stretching like an ostrich - ahh!) All of these creative activities are working like little pistons in children’s beautiful minds helping them make critical life and relationship connections.

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