Who am I?

Let’s sing fast and slow, high and low.
Let’s clap our hands, stomp our feet and shout "Hooray!"

Award-winning singer/songwriter Katie Brady is now creating playful, educational and interactive music for children. Katie's style is a lot like a caramel apple: fun outside, good-for-you center. Her newly released album "Crazy Day" features her award-winning single "Pet Rock."

Before happily skipping onto the children's music scene, Katie rocked out as the front-woman and co-writer for San Francisco-based bands CrackerJack Tattoo and Sweet Harriet. She created an inspirational album entitled "Amazed At What I See". After the birth of her two sons, she began teaching preschool music and performing for little ones. She quickly fell in love with the merry and meaningful aspects of bringing music to youngsters. She understands the important role music can play in a young person’s development and she takes her responsibility seriously (well, in a playful, silly way).

Katie is enjoying creating merry and meaningful music for the mini-van that both kids and adults will request and appreciate.

 Member of Children's Music Network

For more information about Katie's other musical works go to www.katiebrady.net.