Have a bird-singing,sun-shining day!

Let’s clap our hands, stomp our feet and shout "Hooray!"
Award-winning singer/songwriter Katie Brady understands the important role music can play in a young person’s development and she takes her responsibility seriously (well, in a playful, silly way).

Drawing on her 10-plus years teaching music in preschools and daycares, Katie creates silly, highly participatory and fun music presentations purposefully imagined for ages 0-6.  In addition to the wonderful world of bringing music and light into children's hearts, Katie is a lyricist/ composer and bookwriter for musical theater.  And to make the circle complete, Katie enjoys teaching songwriting to groups and individuals. 

Katie is enjoying creating original music for the mini-van that both kids and adults will request and appreciate.  


For more information about Katie's other musical works go to www.katiebrady.net.