WAVE FROM THE TRAIN Debbie Ladas and Katie Brady I guess I never expected to be so affected thought I had it pretty much all figured out all right, Ok, well there were the usual questions Without explanations, the “What are we doing here” type And “How do I want to say goodbye”, we all have to say goodbye someday when that train is on its track and I can’t take one day back Will I sink down with regret or will I wave *You can wave from a last car on a train you can wave goodbye or you can find a seat inside and sink way down low It don’t matter how many toys & things & diamond rings you got to show When it’s time to go* I guess I never accepted that we’re all connected, Now my soul believes it’s true And I believe it matters That I care less about me and more about you There’s a time for spring and fall, no it’s not all just sugarcane There’s a highway to the Son and I know there’s only one Way I’m going to get on that train *Chorus* Well there’s a freedom in this world, you can release all the doves There’s a few important words, and the greatest of these is love *Chorus*